Joe and Jolee

Pastor Joe and JoLee Shanley

Joe and JoLee met as teenagers and got married soon after High School. They just celebrated 24 yrs of marriage and are proud to say they are still very much in love with each other and God.

In 1996, they moved to Mississippi where God began training them in His word. They took many seminary classes where the teaching of God’s word became the center of their lives. They have served in the church in many different ministries such as nursery, sound, praise-n-worship, small group leaders, and Sunday school leaders.

In 2004, they became youth leaders at Ridgeland Family Church in Ridgeland, MS. There they grew a love for teenagers. They knew very quickly that God was placing their focus on the youth ministry. They feel that teens are at a crucial time in their lives where there are daily challenges and many things they are faced with. Teens are making choices and decisions that mold who they will become. Joe and JoLee have a desire to lead teens through these years of change. They hope to be an extension of the family in prayer and teaching the Word of God. They choose to be a helping hand in a fallen world.

They are now ordained youth pastors through 2nd Ark Ministries out of San Antonio, TX. They are working daily on their growth and knowledge of God’s word so they can serve others and serve for the Kingdom of God.